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Vision & Management Philosophy
Company summary
Company name Youth International Tech Co., Ltd
Address 50, Mosi 1-gil, Jiksan-Eup, Seobuk-Gu, Cheonan City, ChungNam, South Korea
CEO Song Young-hwan
Tel +82-41-551-4640 / Fax :+82-41-572-4643
Foundation 2004. 4. 01.
Business Semiconductor & Filter Manufacturing & Trading
People 24
capital one hundred million
18.03 YHT set up aiir filter production line
18.05 Y subsidiary company YHT ->Oneware company name changed
17.05 YITECH-ITEC- ISO9001:2015 renewed
Equipment contract made with ATW of China.
Acquired the Japanese evaluation as the
first foreign company from Japan ITEC
construction Center
17.07 MOU concluded with Wnhitec
14.03 YHT established a subsidiary company manufacturing filter
14.05 Domestic production of F.F.U and heat-proof filter
13.12 Expanded Headquarters Building
2009 ~ 2012
12.06 Appointed as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise
(By the Small and Medium Business Administration)
12.01 Attended the International Solar Energy Expo
11.02 Received the Quality Management System
(ISO9001:2008) certification
10.10 Established the Indonesia branch
09.09 Management innovation type(MAIN-BIZ) certification
09.08 Received an approval for establishing
the company-affiliated
research center
09.01 Relocated the newly-completed headquarters building
2005 ~ 2008
08.05 Developed a FAN FILTER UNIT multi-channel controller
(Capable of controlling wind velocity of max 32 )
08.01 Attended SEMICON KOREA
07.08 Entered into a business agreement with Haesung Engineering,
Japanese partner company
07.05 Succeeded in localization of porous ceramic absorption
rise plates(patent registered)
07.01 Attended SEMICON KOREA
06.10 Launched sales of Japan’s SHOWA electric blowers in Korea
2002 ~ 2004
04.06 Entered into a sales agreement with Japan’s NISSEL Electric
04.04 Switched to Youth Technical Co., Ltd
03.11 Entered into distributorship with Japan’s NIPPON MUKI
02.11 Joined a member of KITA (Korea International Trade Association)
02.03 YI.TECH established
Entered into distributorship with CKD,PISCO,KITZ
Address : 50, Mosi 1-gil, Jiksan-Eup, Seobuk-Gu, Cheonan City, ChungNam, South Korea Company : Y.I.TECH Co., Ltd  |  CEO : Song Young-hwan   |  Business Registration Number : 312-81-68144
Tel : +82-41-551-4640 / FAX : +82-41-572-4643 / E-mail : home@yi-tech.co.kr  
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