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CEO Message

CEO Message

Equipped with young employees and their new passion for challenges,
Yi-Tech have continually grown by exporting and importing equipment and components
needed for a production line in a broad range of business fields,
such as semiconductors, LCD, bio, LED, construction and renewable energy.

On top of this, we serve as a partner providing new technology and new products required in an
era of limitless global competition in a timely manner, making utmost efforts to offer optimal solutions
while regarding customer satisfaction as the best value.

Our commitment is to become a small but great-purposed company in fundamental support of
national economy that provides businesses around the world
with the best quality, price competitiveness and the best services they need.

Besides, we will try our best to grow into a company putting all efforts in
new challenges with a full passion. We would appreciate your support and encouragement.
CEO , Song Young-hwan
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